ITC Prague 2017

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We joined the ICT because we think that the researchers have something interesting and important to tell. The public should know.

Also communicators have a responsibility – and quite a challenge.

A huge part of the challenges regarding the paradigm shift in science involves (bad) media habits. The media coverage in most countries is poor, biased due to Fundamentalistic Science, Big Careers and Big Business (and the interaction between those).

The outcome is a bad taste public discourse.

We are going to make a difference, using a network of journalists & and other communicators.

Keywords: Sharing – cooperating – learning – inspiring – spirit.

This is an initial matrix of how we could cooperate: PDF

Please tell me what you think @ email:

I will get back to you and summarize the feedback I receive. Dont hesitate – even crazy ideas are welcome!

Hope to meet you in the future – somewhere, sometime.jesper madsen

All the best,

Jesper Odde Madsen (communication & journalism)
> Complementary Medicine & Frontier Science<
Denmark, Aarhus (+45) 4040 3732

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